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Extra Form

메타크리틱에 재밌는 글이 있어서 가져와봤습니다

- 게임 평가에 대해 정확한 번역할 자신은 없어서 대충 일부분의 뉘앙스이나 분위기 정도만 적어놨습니다

- 다 긁어오면 안될 꺼 같아서 웹진이나 비평가의 평만 가져왔습니다







46점 - #10: Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (PC)


- 넷플릭스 인기 TV 시리즈를 기반으로 한 턴제 액션 전략 게임

-“Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is not a broken game, nor is it ugly or offensive. But it is joyless. It feels cold, like a corporate cash grab, and suffers from a fundamental misunderstanding of its target audience. There are interesting elements and attractive qualities, but the game overall fails to deliver much of anything to anyone in particular.” —The Indie Game Website 

: 엄청 나쁘진 않은데 좋지도 않다



45점 - #9: Generation Zero (PS4) 


- 1980년대 기계들이 거리를 배회하는 스웨덴을 배경으로 한 1-3인 협동 오픈 월드 게임

“So sparse is the experience that it takes about four or five bewildered hours for the reality to sink in that yes, this is all there is.” —Edge Magazine 

: 4-5시간 해보면 그게 다다



 44 #8: Submersed (PS4) 


- 버려진 장소에서 온 조난 호출에 응답하는 해안 경비대 응급대원으로 플레이하는 생존 공포 퍼즐 게임

- “Submersed ultimately makes some key decisions which will frustrate. Enemies are relentless and inventory management feels botched, leading to you require prior knowledge to advance. Stealth is functional but, more often than not, you're tasked with running from foes that are simply quicker and deadlier than you. There's a punishment on offer here that doesn't fit the crime and, whilst the game tries to do well with a small budget, it can't execute on much of it.” —PlayStation Country 

: 적들 쎄고 인벤토리 불편하고 잠입요소 있는데 도망만 다닌다



43점 - #7: FIFA 20: Legacy Edition (Switch) 


- 이름은 피파20이지만 피파19에서 명단만 업데이트된 게임

- “This year’s sub-par version of FIFA for Switch is almost indistinguishable from last year’s sub-par version of FIFA for Switch, and embodies every bad thing you’ve heard about sports games recycling their content year after year almost to the level of parody. The lack of additions to FIFA 20 Legacy Edition outside of its new, more honest name, and its refusal to innovate either on or off the pitch are disappointing, even borderline insulting. This is surely not the legacy EA had in mind.” —IGN 

: 대충 EA가 EA했단 뜻



43점 - #6: WWE 2K20 (PS4) 


- 매년 나오는 레슬링 게임

- “Perhaps as much as anything else, we feel angry at WWE 2K20 for robbing us of precious time as we circle the swirling vortex of death. It’s completely bewildering that a game of this magnitude has been released in such a state, and whether you want to pin the blame on outgoing developers, poor management, or a rushed development cycle, there is absolutely no denying that this title needed more time in the oven. We initially wondered why 2K weren’t that keen to send us their latest WWE title, but after playing one of the highest profile flops of 2019, we’re starting to understand why.” —Push Square 

: 여기 시간 뺏겨서 화난다



41점 - #5: Dollhouse (PS4) 


- 기억을 상실한 형사로 플레이하는 1 인칭 공포 누아르 어드벤처 

- “An incongruously designed mess that should be avoided at all costs. Awful framerate, poor storytelling, and monotonous mazes make Dollhouse one of the worst games in decades.” —The Digital Fix 

: 수십년만의 최악의 게임 중 하나



40점 - #4: Contra: Rogue Corps (Switch)


- 유명한 액션 슈팅 게임 콘트라 최신작

- “The worst Contra game ever made and an object lesson in how not to revive a classic franchise, especially as there are multiple unofficial homages that are far superior.” —Metro GameCentral 

: 옛날 프랜차이즈를 되살리지 않는 방법에 대한 본보기



38점 - #3: Blades of Time (Switch)


- 화려한 총과 검을 휘두르는 트레져 헌터의 핵앤슬래시 액션 게임

- “This turkey is nigh unplayable depending on a player's tolerance for trashy, glitchy gameplay. With so many elements that are broken, nobody should be playing this, which is too bad because there are some aspects at hand that could have made it interesting. There is a surprising amount of unlockable content that nobody will ever bother to get, because who in their right mind would ever wish to torture themselves? Blades of Time is the skid-row of 3D action games.” —Cubed3 

: 3D 액션 게임의 밑바닥이다



37점 - #2: Left Alive (PS4)


- 스퀘어 에닉스에서 나온 새로운 3인칭 + 매카닉 액션 슈팅 게임 

- “Left Alive falls flat on its face at nearly everything it attempts to do. The story and characters aren't that compelling, the piss-poor stealth is thrown out the window thanks to the forced combat, and the combat at its best made me burst out laughing in pure disbelief at how terrible it was. So, at least it has that going for it.” —Destructoid 

: 잠입을 안하게 해준 강제 전투한테 고마운데, 그 전투도 끔찍해서 웃음이 난다



2019년 메타크리틱 공식 최악의 게임

36점 - #1: Eternity: The Last Unicorn (PS4)


- 마지막 유니콘을 구하기 위한 모험, 북구신화를 바탕으로 한 액션 RPG

- “If it means having to play Eternity to save them, you're better off letting that last Unicorn go extinct.” —TheSixthAxis 

: 그냥 마지막 유니콘을 멸종시키는게 낫다



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  • profile
    msxx00 2019.12.18 17:06

    유니콘을 멸종시키는 게 낫다...

  • profile
    라네요 2019.12.18 17:10

    아...그래서 유니콘을 볼 수 없는 거군요

  • profile
    Medusa 2019.12.18 17:37
    멸종시키자 유니콘
  • profile
    4등 2019.12.18 19:17

    멸종 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • profile
    한량한낙엽 2019.12.18 20:45

    그냥 마지막 유니콘을 멸종시키는게 낫다 ㅋㅋㅋ 완전 웃기네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • profile
    Nol9Sip4 2019.12.19 21:58

    그냥 유니콘을 멸종시키는게 낫다라니....ㅋㅋㅋ

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